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Plusnet wifi calling and VoLTE: how to activate it, charges, and supported plans

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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With Plusnet wifi calling, users can make and receive calls (without needing to use a cellular signal) via their wireless internet connection. This article gives insight into whether Plusnet supports wifi calling and VoLTE, and if so, how you can access it and its possible cost.

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Does Plusnet support wifi calling or VoLTE?

Plusnet has maintained that they do not support wifi calling or VoLTE. However, there are some existing speculations customers on the Plusnet Community website that Plusnet does indeed support wifi calling/VoLTE:

@Sebtomato recently posted, "I was able to activate this morning on my Samsung S10 and make calls. Also seems to work on iPhones.

There was no mention of it on the Plusnet website, and the call centre was not aware either this morning. Not sure why they don't advertise it. However, Quidco mentions it on its Plusnet mobile page, so it doesn't seem to be an error/glitch.

But, if you are in an area without access, enjoy Plusnet Mobile wifi calling, which allows you to make phone calls over your local wireless network. And don't worry: Plusnet Mobile wifi calling works seamlessly with the number you already use, making phone calls simple.


Some customers have continued to attest to this, while others have debunked it. To date, there has still not been an official statement from Plusnet stating that they do indeed offer wifi/VoLTE services. It remains vague.

Plusnet wifi calling not working: how to fix it

There is no definitive response on what to do if your Plusnet wifi calling is not working, as Plusnet does not provide this service. Visit the Plusnet help and support website or call them on 0800 432 0200 if you need more help.

Charges for VoLTE or wifi calling usage

It can be concluded that there are no charges for VoLTE or wifi calling usage since Plusnet does not offer them outrightly.

Best mobile deals to enjoy Plusnet wifi calling and VoLTE

Plusnet Mobile does not support wifi calling. Since wifi calling still counts as a premium feature, less expensive networks often don't offer it. However, you could use a few alternative applications, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Hence, no Plusnet mobile deals are available that are consolidated with wifi calls and VoLTE.

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