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Plusnet call charges for landline and mobile: national and international calls

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Plusnet call charges start at £5.71 per month and are well worth the price. Plusnet provides call plans that allow you to talk more for less, whether you want to call a long-distance acquaintance, or remain up to date with what's going on around the clock. This article breaks down the different Plusnet call rates for both national, international calls and much more.

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Does Plusnet charge for calls?

Yes, Plusnet now charges a setup cost as well as a penny per minute or pence per call price, depending on the firm you call. The prices may differ based on the time of day you call.

Simply put, calls to 084, 087, 09, and 118 numbers in the UK will be charged in two parts: an access charge from Plusnet and a service charge from the organization you are phoning. Changes will also be made to 0800 and 0808 numbers, making them free to call from both mobiles and landlines.

Plusnet international and overseas call charges

Plusnet does not operate a fixed call rate for all international calls, instead it operates a competitive rate for different countries and regions.

Here’s Plusnet’s calling rate to popular call destinations worldwide:

Country Setup fee pence Daytime (pence per minute) Evening (pence per minute) Weekend (pence per minute)
Argentina 26.30 117.99 95.46 95.46
Australia 26.30 40.24 17.61 17.61
European Economic Area 0 18.90 18.90 18.90
Brazil 26.30 131.14 106.10 106.10
Canada 26.30 25.15 16.35 16.35
China 26.30 37.16 33.73 33.73
Egypt 26.30 128.27 110.79 110.79
Hong Kong 26.30 17.26 12.12 12.12
India 26.30 41.84 36.70 36.70
Indonesia 26.30 95.46 92.38 92.38
Japan 26.30 15.32 10.51 10.51
Mexico 26.30 97.87 92.38 92.38
Nigeria 26.30 106.10 99.92 99.92
Russia Federation 26.30 81.06 72.94 72.94
Saudi Arabia 26.30 102.79 82.31 82.31
Switzerland 0 18.90 15.40 15.40
Turkey (Incl. North Cyprus) 26.30 36.93 30.99 30.99
Ukraine 26.30 72.94 65.62 65.62
United Arab Emirates 26.30 102.79 82.31 82.31
USA 26.30 24.01 16.58 16.58

Plusnet landline call charges

View Plusnet’s current landline call charges to understand how her unlimited UK, mobile, and international call plans can save you money.

How Plusnet landline calculate call charges

  • Calls are limited to one minute and are rounded up to the next minute.
  • The setup cost is added if applicable.
  • The total is rounded to the nearest penny.

Fixed fee calls have a fixed cost for a portion (or all) of the call (e.g. 5p for the first 5 minutes or 25p per call). The access price is rounded up to the nearest minute and the service charge is rounded up to the nearest second for calls to service numbers commencing 084, 087, 09, and 118. These calls have no setup fees.

Time periods for calls

The following definitions are used to determine inclusive call times and chargeable call rates for Plusnet Home Phone packages.

Time period When it applies
Daytime Monday to Friday - 7am - 7pm
Evening Monday to Friday - 7pm - 7am
Weekends All day Saturday & Sunday

If a call spans multiple time periods,

  • Chargeable calls that span time periods will be charged at the applicable rates for each segment of the call.
  • Calls that cross between inclusive and chargeable time periods (in either direction) are charged just for the chargeable portion of the call; the call set up cost is not applied.

Inclusive call length

  • After 60 minutes, inclusive calls to UK numbers become charged.
  • After 60 minutes, included calls to international lines start charged.
  • Calls to Plusnet Support are free for the duration of the call, regardless of duration.

Inclusive calls that become chargeable are paid at the applicable rate until the call is terminated. The call setup cost is waived.

Plusnet call plans: goodbye to landline call charges

Call type Charges
UK landline Inclusive at all times
UK mobile and 070 personal numbering services 2000 inclusive minutes to use at any time
Non-geographical (0845 and 0870) Inclusive at all times. Calling cards, indirect access and dial-up Internet numbers are excluded. A fair usage limit of 150 calls or 1000 minutes a month (whichever is reached first) applies.
International (landline and mobile) Charged at standard rates at all times
Plusnet to Plusnet Inclusive at all times
Calls to Plusnet Free at all times
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