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Plusnet SafeGuard: how to use it, settings, and turn it off

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Plusnet SafeGuard is the online Parental Control tool for Plusnet. If you're worried about what your children can see online, you can use SafeGuard to help prevent access to inappropriate content. This article will demystify Plusnet Safeguard protocols, how to set it up, compatible plans and lots more.

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What is Plusnet SafeGuard: your parental control system

The Plusnet Parental Control solution is Plusnet SafeGuard. If you're concerned about what your children might see online, SafeGuard can help prevent them from accessing unsuitable content. This can include adult-oriented websites, gambling, violence, and the possibility of cyberbullying via texting and social media. Check out the Plusnet Internet safety jargon buster to learn about the cyber hazards your children may face.

Even if you're using SafeGuard, Plusnet advises parents and guardians to monitor their children's online activity as much as possible to ensure they're acting appropriately and not sharing too much information with others. We strongly recommend that you also install a device-based solution for ultimate security.

How to log in to Plusnet SafeGuard

When you start using Plusnet SafeGuard, Plusnet will change its network so that if you or someone in your family tries to access content that you've ordered to be restricted, your browser will display 'blocked' page.

Once your broadband service is up, you may activate and manage Plusnet SafeGuard through the 'My Account' Plusnet SafeGuard management panel. You can use this section to ban specific categories and websites that you do not wish to see.

How to turn off Plusnet SafeGuard

Once your broadband service has been activated, navigate to the Plusnet SafeGuard control panel and click the ON/OFF button at the top of the screen.

Then, turn your router off and on again. Plusnet SafeGuard will begin screening content after 2 hours.

Follow the same instructions to turn it off, and you'll be able to browse normally again after 2 hours.

Safeguard will not function on iOS devices running iOS 15 or later when surfing in Safari or for HTTP app traffic if Apple's iCloud Private Relay is turned on.

Change the settings for Plusnet SafeGuard

Plusnet SafeGuard allows you to toggle security and restrict content in two ways:

  • Category blocking - You can block groups of sites with similar content. Pornography, Hate Intolerance and Tasteless categories are blocked as standard, but you can change this at any time.
  • Website blocking – You can add a specific website's URL that you want to be blocked, e.g. to block Facebook, just click on 'Blocked websites' and enter the Facebook URL into the address box (you don't need to type HTTP or www. before the address). You can add up to 30 individual websites to your blocklist.

How to access a safe site that's been blocked by SafeGuard?

You can do this by adding the address to your Allow Websites list. You might want to do this if:

  • You never want a certain site to be blocked
  • A website has been blocked under a specific category, but you believe its content is safe

the filter has incorrectly blocked a specific website address, and you want to allow access to it

You can have up to 30 allowed websites.

How to get Plusnet SafeGuard

Plusnet Safeguard is included with all of our broadband services. Simply choose whether to enable it or not during the sign-up process. Signing into your account allows you to manage everything, including adding blacklisted sites and managing access.

Frequently asked questions about Plusnet SafeGuard

Will Plusnet SafeGuard work on mobile phones?

Yes, as long as your device is linked to your Plusnet router and connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

  • Websites visited in the browser will be censored as they would be on your PC or laptop.
  • Apps that use the web to access restricted material may not function properly.

Does Plusnet SafeGuard work with Protect?

Yes. They provide varying levels of protection. Plusnet SafeGuard only covers your fibre or broadband connection and does not provide virus or malware protection, thus, it's best to use both.

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