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Plusnet Call Protect: how to use it and stop nuisance calls right away

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Plusnet Call Protect intercepts unwanted calls on your landline and routes them to junk voicemail, where they belong. Plusnet call protect will also filter out unwanted calls from Plusnet’s pre-defined list. This article will educate customers on the cost, how to activate, and use Plusnet call protect.

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What is Plusnet Call Protect?

Plusnet Call Protect is a company-specific function that allows you to block unsolicited calls from your landline. When some marketers or people are bothering you too much, you can use this tool to ban all of their calls.

Plusnet Call Protect is a useful addition to your phone privacy that comes in handy sometimes. This Plusnet feature can provide you with a tranquil environment at home.

Receiving an excessive number of unsolicited calls is becoming increasingly common these days. These calls, whether telemarketing or from unknown individuals, might squander your valuable time.

If you are a Plusnet customer and are experiencing an excessive number of unknown calls, you should enable this function right away.

This great addition to your privacy helps in many ways, like:

Blocking Telemarketing calls

  • Spam Calls
  • Block fraud
  • Detect and block Unknown numbers

The best part of this protection is that the company blocks spam callers by itself from its lists of nuisance callers.

How does Plusnet Call Protect work

Plusnet Call Protect is a fantastic new call feature that redirects nuisance calls on your landline to junk voicemail, where they belong. It's absolutely free, and it's quick and simple to set up.

Plusnet Call Protect operates in three modes:

  • It automatically filters calls from Plusnet's list of known nuisance callers, which is updated on a regular basis, so that as many of those irritating nuisance calls as possible are routed to junk voicemail.
  • You can establish and maintain your own personal list of up to 100 nuisance numbers.
  • You can also opt to divert specific sorts of numbers to junk voicemail, such as international numbers, withheld numbers, and unavailable numbers.

How to block calls on landline with Plusnet Call Protect

Once you've added Plusnet Call Protect to your Member Centre, you may access your junk mailbox and settings by dialling 1572. That will provide you with all the tools you need to stop nuisance calls, and 1572 is, of course, free to dial from your landline.

If you receive an unwanted call, simply hang up, dial 1572, and follow the simple steps to add the last number to your junk voicemail list. Remember this the next time you get one of those annoying PPI calls!

If a caller from your specified list phones you, they may leave a voicemail message, which you can listen to by dialling 1572.

Call protect on mobile: how to block calls

To activate Plusnet call protect on your mobile, simply dial 1572 and follow the prompt

Call Protect Menu Dial 1572
Main Menu
  1. Press 1 to add the last answered call to your diverted caller list.
  2. Press 2 to remove the last entry from your diverted caller list.
  3. Press 3 to listen to your 1572 messages.
  4. Press 4 to change your personal options including –Plusnet's diverted listYour diverted listDiverted call groupsVIP listDND settingsOr hold to hear these menu options again

Plusnet Call Protect: supported plans

Plusnet call protect is available on all Plusnet plans.

Frequently asked questions about Plusnet Call Protect

Is Plusnet Call Protect free?

Yes, Plusnet's call protection feature is completely free, and you will not be charged a single penny for it. Plusnet's call protection service is included free with your landline connection. Calling 1572 from a landline is also completely free. As a result, when you call, you will not be charged to add any number to your blacklist.

How many numbers can I block with Plusnet Call Protect?

Plusnet only allows you to add 100 numbers to your protection list; no further numbers can be added. To add more numbers, you must first reset the call protection function. To reset, uncheck the protection option and re-check it. However, keep in mind that this may destroy your previous blacklist, so use this option with caution.

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