EE add-ons: how to get them and prices for data and calls.

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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EE add-ons make it possible to order extra data, text and minutes as a one-off purchase without switching contracts. This article discusses the EE add-ons in-depth and answers popular questions about EE add-ons such as what they are, available add-ons and cost, etc.

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EE add-ons: what are they?

A package of minutes, messages, data, or services you can purchase is called an add-on. You receive more value from add-ons than from normal EE pricing.

What are the fundamentals of add-ons that you should know?

  1. Add-ons start as soon as you buy them and last seven or 30 days.
  2. If a portion of your pack expires, you can still purchase additional data, minutes, or messages to get you through until your next pack begins.
  3. When your add-on expires or reaches the end of its seven- or 30-day period, EE will SMS you to let you know.

EE data add ons

The EE data add-on is available to all EE mobile customers, whether on the monthly or pay-as-you-go plans. With the EE add-on data, customers on monthly plans can continue to enjoy EE services when their monthly allowance is exhausted.

You can purchase an add-on by:

  • Logging into My EE
  • Installing the My EE app from the app store on your device
  • Texting or calling 150 from an EE phone

In addition to those mentioned above, you may purchase a data add-on by:

Visiting on a mobile device. You must be connected to the EE mobile network.

4GEE wifi subscribers can also purchase wifi add-ons when they exhaust their monthly 4GEE wifi data allowance.

How can I purchase 4GEE wifi add-ons?

You can purchase an add-on using the information provided below whether you are a pay monthly or pay-as-you-go 4GEE wifi customer. Just be certain that the 4G network is active.

  • Open a new tab and navigate to
  • select the data add-on you want to purchase by going to Purchase.
  • Turn on the data add-on you bought

The add-on amount will be automatically applied to your bill if you subscribe to the monthly pay service and will show up as a one-time charge on your subsequent pay monthly statement. The cost of the add-on will be deducted from your top-up balance if you use pay-as-you-go.

EE add-ons for calling abroad.

Two fantastic EE are calling abroad add-ons available for pay monthly customers, depending on which countries you call and how frequently you call.

International Add-on

The International Add-on consists of:

  • 500 minutes
  • fifty chosen locations
  • one-month allowance
  • £11.40 monthly payment

To buy:

Text 500INTL1 to 150 from your EE mobile phone.

International Extra

The International Extra Add-on consists of:

  • 250 minutes
  • one hundred chosen locations
  • one-month allowance
  • £22.82 monthly payment.

To buy:

Text "250INTL2" to 150 from your EE mobile phone

24-month international call add-ons

You can call 50 specific locations for 1,000 minutes while your 24-month calling overseas package lasts.

A substantial discount

You can call at a rate of 1.14p per minute for £11.40 a month, a big discount from the standard rate (from 50p per minute).

A 24-month calling package can only be added during the first three months of your contract.

Roaming with EE add ons

You won't incur a large bill utilising the internet while travelling overseas if you have a roaming data add-on because you'll only ever be charged for the data add-ons you select. When the add-on expires, EE will get in touch with you and give you the chance to purchase another.

You won't be able to use the mobile network to access the internet when travelling if you don't purchase a roaming data add-on, and you won't incur any fees.

How to use roaming data add-ons

Standard roaming data add-ons may only be purchased when travelling abroad, and with EE, you'll only ever be charged for the data you use, eliminating the possibility of receiving an unforeseen bill.

Depending on the nation you're visiting, you can purchase an add-on using your phone's browser or by sending a text message to EE. EE will text you with complete information when you turn on your phone while travelling abroad.

When you purchase a standard roaming data add-on, you can access the internet and utilise apps when travelling. It's simple to track how much data you have left and how much time you have left for using it. Just use your EE device to navigate to

Additionally, you have access to 4G on 80 international networks, and that number is expanding with all EE roaming data add-ons. Make sure 4G is turned on in your device's settings.

What roaming data add-on should I select?

The Travel Data Pass is EE's greatest value if you're visiting Europe or other well-known locations in the rest of the world. It costs £3 in the EE Europe Zone, £4 in the USA and Canada, and £5 in nine other nations, including Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa, and China.

Other passes that are specific to Europe include the Euro Pass, which costs £4 per day and offers 500MB of data per day along with unlimited calls and texts, and the £1 Data Pass, which offers 50MB of data for a set price of £1 per day.

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