EE complaints: how to do it over the phone or by email

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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This article discusses EE complaints. After reading this article, you shall learn how to make a complaint when you have an issue with EE services. You shall also learn different methods to make complaints, the EE complaints number and the compensation scheme.

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How to make complaints to EE?

You can make a complaint to EE through one of the following methods

  1. Call the EE customer service team
  2. Fill out an email web form
  3. Write to EE

When you reach out to EE over these three ways, they will quickly fix your problems according to EEs customer complaint code of conduct. You can find this on the EE help page.

EE complaint email address

You can send an email complaint to EE via If you choose to EE email, you must include the following details.

  1. Your full name
  2. Your full postal address
  3. Your account number
  4. Your mobile telephone number
  5. If you're a broadband customer, your landline number
  6. Details of your complaint
  7. Your resolution requirements
  8. An alternative phone number

EE complaints number: how to complain over the phone

Using the phone numbers and contact information below, you can call EE free between 8 am and 9 pm on Monday through Friday and 8 am and 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

For mobile customers

S/N Type of phone you’re calling with Number to call
From EE mobile phone 150
From UK landline 0800 079 8586
Calling from abroad +447953 966 250

For landline and broadband customers

S/N Type of phone you’re calling with Number to call
From an EE phone 150
From any other phone 0800 079 8586

Is it possible to complain to EE over chat?

Yes, it is possible to complain to EE over chat. To make a complaint over chat, please follow these easy steps.

  1. Visit the EE complaint page
  2. Click on Need Help;. It is located on the far right of your screen.
  3. Follow the prompts to chat with a customer care representative.

You will be asked to provide some details, such as your name. EE number and your area code.

EE complaints: compensation scheme

Your account will be automatically credited per EE's Automatic Compensation scheme if your landline or broadband service was delivered late, you experienced a total loss of service that required more than two working days to fix, or an EE engineer missed an appointment EE made with you.

Delayed broadband and landline service activation

If your service isn't activated by 11.59 pm on the day EE promised you, you will get compensated. EE will reimburse you £5.25 for the missed activation day and each subsequent day until the service is activated. The compensation will halt if you miss the appointment and cause the activation to be postponed and will restart if. The activation is not finished during the subsequent engineer visit.

You won't receive payment:

  • For the day the service is activated on.
  • If you weren't present, grant the engineer entry at the scheduled time.
  • If you didn't consent to the earliest date for re-appointment.

Delayed repair after a complete service loss

If you completely lose service and it isn't fixed by 11.59 pm on the second working day after the fault is notified, you will get compensated. EE will compensate you £8.40 if the service isn't fixed after the first two working days,

The compensation calculation will halt if you miss the appointment and the repair is delayed. It will begin again if the repair is not finished during the subsequent engineer visit. The compensation calculation will pause between the earliest possible appointment and the one you've selected if you don't take EE's earliest appointment.

Total service loss implies:

  • Phone service that doesn't allow you to place or receive calls or only operates one way when it ought to operate both ways.
  • Broadband service that prevents you from using the internet.

You won't get compensation:

  • For the day, the problem was fixed.
  • If the source of the issue is discovered on your property.
  • If your service hasn't been completely lost.
  • If you refused, the earliest date offered for re-appointment.

Missed appointments

If your broadband and landline engineer fails to show up for the booked appointment, fails to show up at the confirmed appointment time EE provided you, or if you receive less than 24 hours' notice of a change or cancellation, you will get compensation. You will receive £26.24 from EE for each missed appointment.

You won't receive payment:

  • If there is a change in the appointment time or cancellation with more than 24 hours notice.

Frequently asked questions about EE complaints.

How much is EE's complaint response time?

EE does not have a fixed response time. However, they typically respond within a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the method you use to make a complaint.

What to do if my issue is not fixed after complaining to EE?

If your issue isn't fixed within eight weeks, you can complain to ombudsman services, an independent dispute resolution scheme approved by Ofcom.

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