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Last update: September 26, 2023
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With the EE voicemail, you can hear messages from your callers when you aren't around to answer your calls. This article intends to provide you with all the information you need to use your EE voicemail to the fullest. It includes instructions on how to set up and activate your EE voicemail. It also helps you understand extra features of EE voicemail, such as visual voicemail.

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What is the EE voicemail?

When someone calls your EE phone number, they have the option of leaving a voicemail, thanks to EE voicemail. Callers will have this choice if the voicemail divert setting is enabled. If voicemail divert is switched off, they won't be able to leave you a message, and the call will either ring continuously or not at all if you are not reachable.

What is EE voicemail number: check your messages

To listen to your voicemail, press and hold one or choose voicemail (on an iPhone, this is found in the phone icon app). You can also dial 222 to access your EE voicemail.

To listen to your voicemail from another phone within the UK, dial 07953 222222 or +447953 222222 if you are calling from abroad. You will need to provide a voicemail PIN to listen to your voicemail from another phone.

How do I set up a voicemail PIN?

Follow these easy steps to set up a voicemail PIN which you will use in accessing your voicemail from another phone.

  1. Call your voicemail (press and hold 1).
  2. Press * to jump to the main menu.
  3. Select option 3 - the settings and features menu.
  4. Select option 3 to change your PIN.
  5. Press # to save after entering a new PIN.

How to turn on and set up your EE voicemail

All EE mobile users have voicemail set up by default.

Try texting "VM ON" to 150 if you're having any trouble getting voicemail to work or if others aren't able to leave you messages. This process will enable your voicemail divert and allow the caller the choice to leave a voicemail for you.

After setting up your voicemail, you should enter a security PIN to keep it secure and enable you to access all of your messages from any phone. You might also need a voicemail PIN from some roaming partners to retrieve your messages when travelling outside the UK.

As soon as you have your device or SIM card, it's a good idea to set up your voicemail PIN.

Follow these rules to secure your voicemail PIN

  1. Your PIN should be between four to ten numbers. Never less or more.
  2. Avoid using repetitive numbers only, e.g. 2222
  3. Avoid using sequential numbers only, e.g. 3456
  4. Do not use your phone number or parts of your phone number.
  5. Do not use any of the two default PINs: 2580 and 1210.
  6. Do not use your birthday
  7. Change your PIN often
  8. Do not allow anyone else to know your PIN
  9. Never write down your voicemail PIN.

Turn off your EE voicemail number.

If you do not want to give your callers the option to leave a voicemail, you can easily turn off your EE voicemail by texting VM OFF to 150.

Within the EU, voicemail messages are free; nevertheless, there may be a fee outside the EU. You can turn off voicemail diverts if you don't want to be charged for voicemail while travelling abroad. This will prevent anyone from leaving you a voicemail when they call. You'll need to reactivate voicemail diverts once you're back in the UK for folks to leave you voicemail messages once more.

EE visual voicemail

Visual voicemail allows you to browse and control your voicemail on your iPhone screen. No more calling; with visual voicemail, you may receive your messages without dialling a number. You also do not need to listen to voicemail sequentially.

To view your voicemails as a list on your screen, tap the voicemail icon. You can see who left the messages, when they left the voicemails, and how long each message is.

Visual voicemail is available to you if you:

  • Own an iPhone
  • Have the most recent version of iOS installed on your computer
  • Have the current EE carrier settings.

To turn on visual voicemail:

  • Text IPHONE VISUAL to 150.
  • When it's set up, EE will text you to let you know.

Frequently asked questions about EE voicemail.

Is EE's voicemail service compatible with visual voicemail?

Yes, it is. Unfortunately, this service is available to iPhone users only.

How much does EE's voicemail cost?

EE voicemail is available to all EE mobile customers at no extra cost. You may be required to pay for voicemail when travelling outside the UK.

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