Get BT Sport on EE: How to add it to your plan for free and other deals.

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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EE BT Sport is available at no extra cost, and several ways to personalise the subscription. This article looks at how you can get BT Sport on EE for free and any other packages related to its services.

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Can I get BT Sports on EE?

Top-tier football is one of the many fantastic sporting activities and games that EE BT Sport has the right to broadcast. On BT TV, you can watch matches from the Premier League, the Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the FA Cup, and many other sports. BT is unmatched for sports, with 4K resolution and some of the top commentators and experts in the business.

Add BT Sport to your EE plan.

To access BT Sport on EE, you must have a BT ID login and password set up, regardless of whether you have the BT Sport app as an add-on, a Smart Benefit, or if you are using Apple TV 4K with included BT Sport.

Follow the following instructions to add the EE BT Sport app as a pay-for independent add-on to the existing plan:

  1. Open and log in on the My EE app or connect to My EE.
  2. Choose Plans, Smart Benefits & Add-Ons from the menu.
  3. To add the pass to your plan, choose Add-ons and follow the instructions.
  4. You can also text SPORT to 150.

You can select the app as your Smart Benefit if you already have a plan by following these simple steps:

  1. Open and log in on the My EE app or connect to My EE.
  2. Choose Plans, Smart Benefits & Add-Ons from the menu.
  3. Click on Smart Benefits and follow the instructions.

Get BT Sports on EE for free: Three Months Offer

This method is the best for EE users to acquire BT Sport with EE for free. Both new and existing clients are eligible for this. You are not required to have any BT sport or broadband subscription. Here is how to go about ut:

  1. By texting "SPORT" to 150, EE mobile users may obtain the EE BT Sports app, which allows online football viewing on smartphones, tablets, and other devices, for free for three months. Again, if you are not a customer, do so for this to apply to you.
  2. The app remains excellent beyond the first three months and is accessible for £10 monthly, but you can only watch it on a smartphone. With Chromecast, Xbox, Apple TV, some Smart TVs (like the Samsung Smart TV), and more, you can stream it on your big screen TV for an additional £5 (for a combined amount of £15 monthly).
  3. You may add BT Sport as your "Smart Benefit" without additional cost if you have or purchase one of EE's "Smart Plans." You would be stupid not to take advantage of that if you had this plan with them. Give EE a serious look if you don't and are searching for a new mobile plan.

Get BT Sports on EE with other deals.

Get the best of BT Sport with an EE pay-monthly SIM card.

Users will receive EE BT Sport Ultimate incorporated within your bundle if you choose an EE SIM card offer with a so-called "smart advantage."

The 160GB for £12.50 monthly during the initial three months offer on SIM-only packages with smart benefits is presently available, saving users 50% off the initial £25 per month plan (which it reverts to after the three months) Additionally, the 200GB for £28 per month offer also offers users several smart benefits which includes EE BT sports.

EE BT Sports Monthly Mobile Pass

The EE BT Sport Season Pass gives you ten months' access to BT Sport with Big Screen and BT Sport Ultimate for £15 a month. It's available on a rolling monthly contract. This contract is valid for ten months. If you cancel your EE BT sports pass contract before the end of 10 months, you will lose access and be charged an early cancellation fee. With this plan, you can only watch on your mobile devices, which is only accessible to EE users.

BT Sport With EE: Large Screen Ad on

You can access the BT Sport Large Screen bundle using gadgets like a Chromecast or Apple TV to cast from your mobile devices to your Large Screens. Text SPORT to 150 through the smartphone you want to activate it on to install BT Sport Large Screen. You will receive a response along with an URL to begin. These plans begin at £15 per month.

Cancel BT Sport on EE: How to do it

Following are the steps to select to cancel at any time:

  • Start by texting STOP SPORTS to 150.

After that, you'll have the choice of:

  • Send the texts STOP LARGE or STOP BIG SCREEN to halt your large-screen service and limit your access to BT Sport on your mobile device.
  • To block access to BT Sport altogether, text STOP SPORT to 150.

How to log in and set up BT Sport on EE

To access the BT Sport app, you must create a BT ID.

Before you can access the BT Sport app, we'll need to authenticate and authorise your BT ID if you currently have one. You must remember your BT ID password and username, the email address you originally used to create your BT ID.

To finish your BT ID activation during this procedure, you will need to switch across your smartphone's web page, email, and messages as you receive instructions across these platforms.

For an existing EE mobile user, all you are required to do is send SPORT to 150. You will receive a response with a URL embedded in it. Click on this link and follow the instructions to set up your BT Sports with EE.

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