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Sky wifi Booster: How to Get One, Set Up and Models Available

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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This article discusses Sky's wifi Boosters, what they are and what they do, how to get one, and how much it costs to request one from Sky. We will discuss the three available models and their setup, offering a step-by-step guide. We remind users that a booster does not necessarily improve broadband speed but its range, so it is better to improve their broadband deal in some cases.

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What is a Sky wifi Booster, and What Do They Do?

Are there wifi blind spots at your home? Do you wish to reach your Sky wifi while sitting outside in your home garden or verandah? A Sky wifi booster does just that. The Booster amplifies signals from your Sky wifi device, thereby extending (boosting) its reach. This extension/boost in coverage does not mean increased wifi speed.

Sky wifi Booster: Models Available

There are three models of the Sky wifi Booster, all of which are white-coloured plastic box devices.

  1. Sky Wireless Booster
  2. Sky Q Booster – For Sky Q users
  3. Sky Broadband Booster

Sky wireless Booster

To reach those regions of your home that are more difficult to access, a Sky wifi booster can increase the wifi signal from your Hub. However, it won't increase wifi speeds. Your wifi coverage will improve.

For your Booster and Hub to produce the greatest signal:

  • Please do not put them behind the television, on the floor, or in a cabinet; keep them in plain sight. It is recommended to leave 30 cm surrounding it.
  • Do not put them around cordless phones, baby monitors, and other wireless gadgets.

Sky Q booster- For Sky Q users

The SKY Q Booster assists in eradicating wifi signal dead zones across the house. Wifi Protected Set up allows you to instantly connect to the Sky Hub (WPS). If you have Sky TV, you can use Sky Go on up to two compatible devices to watch the must-see programmes in locations that the Sky Wireless Booster can cover.

Sky broadband boosters

The Sky broadband boosters connect to your Hub using wired connections to ensure faster broadband speed around your home. Business or office.

How to Set Up and Connect Your Sky wifi Booster

Here is how to set up your Sky wifi Booster.

  1. Place your Booster halfway from your Sky Hub and the spot where you want the coverage extended.
  • Make sure the Booster is not in an enclosed box.
  • Place away from other wireless devices.
  1. Fit the blue end of the Booster's Power cable into the Blue Port at the back, then plug the other end into the main outlet.
  2. Wait for the power light to turn white or green.
  3. Hold the WPS button on your Booster for 3 seconds until it flashes amber. Then hold the WPS button on your Hub for 3 seconds until it flashes amber. - You'll need to do it within 2 minutes.
  4. After some minutes, the Wireless lights will turn white or green. This means the connection is complete, and boosting has started.
  5. Afterwards, the Booster automatically reconnects whenever you move to other spots, provided they are still within the range of your Hub.

How to get a Sky wifi Booster

Are you looking for how to buy a Sky wifi Booster? You can get a free version if you are subscribed to the wifi Boost package. The alternative is to buy Sky wifi Booster from Online Stores – Reputable ones preferably.

Is it possible to get a Sky wifi booster for free?

Yes. You can get Sky wifi Booster for free if you are subscribed to the Sky wifi Boost Package as added on to Sky Superfast Broadband, Sky Ultrafast Broadband, and Sky Gigafast Broadband. However, if you do not have the Sky wifi Boost package, you will need to buy the Booster from an online store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal location for a Sky wifi booster?

For your Booster and Hub to produce the strongest signal: Keep them visible; don't leave them on the floor, behind the TV, or in a cupboard. The ideal distance is 30 cm. Keep your cordless phone and other wireless gadgets like baby monitors out of the way.

Can I install more than one wifi booster?

More than 8 Q nodes are where the Sky Q mesh starts to fail. The simple response is that you can have more than one Booster.

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