Sky TV guide: How to check your TV listings for movies, sports and other channels

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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With the Sky TV guide, Sky TV subscribers can keep track of the most important tv channels and different kinds of programmes. This article explores what the Sky TV guide is, how it works and how to use Sky TV guide.

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How to check your Sky TV guide

Sky TV is an excellent provider of television and entertainment services. Sky TV has it all if you want to watch sports content exclusively or enjoy a wide range of offerings, including shows and movies. Sky TV guide changes from time to time, offering updates about sports, movies or series available, which makes it important to check from time to time.

If you're wondering where you can check the TV listings for Sky Sports, movies or other channels and programs in your area, here's how to do it. You can access the Sky TV guide through the Sky TV guide App, Sky website and Sky TV remote.

Sky TV Guide App

You can download and use the Sky TV Guide App for free. It is a one-stop shop for seeing everything on your Sky Box.

Subscribers of the Sky TV Guide App have full access to what airs on Sky up to 28 days in advance. If you have My Sky, you can record directly to your Sky Box and set reminders. Perfect for when you want to watch your favourite show while away from home.

The benefits of using the Sky TV guide include:

  • Choose your preferred channels to create your personalised guide.
  • You can easily find the shows you know and love using the search option.
  • You can choose the daily picks you want to watch to avoid missing the best content from worldwide.
  • Share your favourite shows on Facebook, SMS, and email.

Several Apple and Android devices can download and install the Sky TV Guide App. Anyone can download and use the app, but to access specific features, you must be a Sky domestic customer and have registered with My Account.

Sky Website

By visiting the Sky website, you can browse the Sky TV guide, find out what is on, and use the remote recording to catch up on your favourite shows even when you are not there.

Sky TV Remote

You can use voice activation by saying "Hello Sky, TV guide" to access the TV guide.

Or you can:

  • Press Home on your Sky TV remote.
  • To view the schedule for all channels, scroll down to the TV guide and choose View all.
  • Press the left button to access the category channels.
  • Push and hold the right button to advance the clock seven days.
  • Hold the up/down buttons to scroll up and down a complete page.

Sky TV Guide: Check Upcoming Events

Sky Sports has long been seen as the ultimate sports television station in the UK. They continue to be among the greatest places to watch sports on television, although some competitors from other TV providers have challenged their dominance in recent years.

The Sky Sports TV guide provides the most live sports on TV coverage options and highlights of the previous week's sporting events, sports news, and sports talk shows, providing all-encompassing sports coverage every day of the year. As a result, if you choose to subscribe to their service, you will be able to see some exclusive action regardless of what sport you enjoy.

Main Event on Sky Sports

With the help of this service, you can always follow the most important events of the day in the same location. Based on the sport being broadcast that day, you can watch the largest event on this channel: football, cricket, golf, or another sport. This service ensures you won't miss the best live sporting event on television that day.

Cricket on Sky Sports

Sky Sports Cricket provides up-to-date information on all cricket-related events, and you can always count on seeing the biggest international test matches live on television in addition to county matches.

Football on Sky Sports

Today and almost every other day, at least one of Sky Sports channels will have live football. The majority of their programming is English football on TV, with games from the Championship League 2 available every day of the week. You can watch football on television from leagues worldwide, ranging from the Scottish Premier League to the American MLS League, so it's not just English football that they provide.

Premier League on Sky Sports

Before now, Sky Sport held exclusive rights to Premier League TV, but some games are now broadcast on other channels. Despite this, Sky Sports dominates Premier League TV and broadcasts most matches. At least four Premier League TV games are typically broadcast here, two on Saturday and two on Sunday, with one early kickoff and one in the late afternoon. You will only need to watch Premier League TV elsewhere for the late kickoff because another service provider owns the Premier TV rights to these matches.

Sky TV Guide For Movies

Sky TV Movie guide feature allows users to check the real-time schedule of movies and events currently in theatres and those that will air soon. Users can use this feature through the Sky TV guide app, the website or the Sky TV remote.

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