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Sky remote: how to connect, upgrade and set it up

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Sky Remote connection is a simple and straightforward procedure requiring following a simple guide. This article will show you the different Remotes available on Sky, how to connect them using the available methods, using the Sky Remote app and all you need to know about setting it up.

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Sky remote control: models and prices

As an existing Sky customer with a top box, you can enjoy the most relaxing, all-around entertainment of your choice if you own a Sky Remote. Getting a remote for your Sky top box ensures that you get to control your entertainment from the comfort of your couch. Also, Sky Remotes come in many models to suit your particular need.

With the right Sky Remote, you can control any Sky top box you own.

Generally, when you get a new Sky Q top box, you get a Remote as an accessory. These remotes last for anything between eighteen (18) to twenty-four (24) months depending on the frequency of use. However, if you need a replacement Remote control because the initial one goes bad, you can easily purchase Sky replacement remotes online.

The following table shows you what Sky Remotes are available to you and their Prices.

1. SKY 125 Sky + HD boxes 2 AA Batteries 21.98
2. SKY 121 Sky + HD boxes 2 AA Batteries 21
3. SKY 120 Sky + HD boxes 2 AA Batteries 21
4. SKY 111 Sky + Boxes 2 AA Batteries 20.99
5. SKY 101 Standard Sky digiboxes 2 AA Batteries 21.99
6. SKY 100 Standard Sky digiboxes 2 AA Batteries 16.15

How to connect and pair a Sky remote

Pairing your Sky Remote with your top box is very easy. You can do this using one of two methods. You can follow the simple step-by-step guide below or use the voice prompt option.

Using the step-by-step procedure

  • Following these simple steps, you can pair your remote to the top box.
  • First, Locate and Press the Home button on your Sky Remote.
  • Choose the Settings option, then Set up and then Remote control.
  • Select the remote you are currently using. (You will notice various remote options).
  • Choose to Control your TV and select your specific TV brand.
  • Select Find it for me
  • Follow every other instruction.

Using the Voice prompt option

  • If you have purchased the Voice control remotely, follow these steps.
  • Ensure you have a suitable internet connection.
  • Check that your Voice-enabled remote is connected to your Sky top box.
  • On your Sky Remote, you will find the microphone just below the Sky button.
  • Hold down the voice button and speak clearly into the microphone.
  • When you are done speaking, release the button.

You will find your command on the screen.

Sky remote app: use your phone to control your TV

If your phone is your go-to gadget and you would rather use it to control your Sky top box, you can easily download and use the Sky Remote app, Sky+, from either Google Play Store for Android or App store for iOS devices. Also, if you have battery concerns, the remote sky app is lightweight and is designed to save your battery.

Follow these steps to connect your phone to your Top box.

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. Select the Help/Settings tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Select Connect to Sky + HD Box.
  4. Select your box and start enjoying the service.

What to do when your Sky remote is not working

The Sky remote is generally durable and reliable. However, for certain reasons, there could be a glitch or a problem that causes your remote not to respond. In such cases, consider resetting your Remote.

Do this if your Sky Remote does not seem to be responding.

  1. Remove and replace the batteries with new ones to be sure it is not a simple instance of worn batteries.
  2. Take out the batteries, then press and hold down. Select for 30 seconds.
  3. Replace the batteries.
  4. Press Sky on your remote control. Expect the red light on the remote to blink twice.
  5. Recode the remote control using the Setup code for your top box.

Frequently asked questions about Sky's remote control.

Does Sky TV come with a free TV remote?

You get a free remote if you are a VIP customer with a Sky Q box connected to broadband, but who doesn't already have a Sky Q voice remote?

Do I have to pay to upgrade my Sky remote control?

There is a charge for upgrading your remote, but you do not need to return the old Remote control.

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