Sky Piggybank: How to use it and rollover data with Sky

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Sky Piggybank is a data rollover service from Sky. Using this service, you can keep unused data to use in future. In other words, it's a savings account for your cellular data. This article explores how you can save and use that extra data in the future or claim rewards.

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Sky Piggybank: The data rollover service

Sky Piggybank is a data rollover benefit, giving you a second option to use unused data from a previous month. Other networks with data rollover allow you to save data for your next month, but Sky is slightly different.

The fact that more than 90% of Sky Mobile users have already saved enough data to qualify for Sky Piggybank Rewards demonstrates the value Roll provides to mobile consumers and the volume of data they would have wasted with other networks.

Users can redeem their Sky Piggybank data for up to £50 off any gadget or equipment. They can use, the phone, and eventually the My Sky app to check their balance, go through their rewards, and cash out. Every month, new incentives become accessible. For instance, consumers can exchange 5GB of unused data from July for a selection of iPhone covers, and 20GB for a JBL GO 2 Portable Speaker.

How does Sky Piggybank work?

You save your unused data in Sky Piggybank at the end of each month. The rolled-over data is kept in your piggy bank for up to three years, during which time you can redeem it for various benefits.

You can get discounts on new devices, tablets, and equipment by using the data you saved in your Sky Piggybank. Use your remaining data anytime you wish, whether you want to top it up or choose a reward or a discount.

Remember that to withdraw data from your Sky Piggybank, you must have at least 1GB saved. You can only top off Sky Mobile in whole GB amounts. For instance, you won't be able to withdraw or add 500MB.

Since all additional lines utilise the same Sky Piggybank, Sky Piggybank works well when paired with family mobile plans. The same Sky Piggybank will receive unused data from other SIMs, and the main account user can transfer data to individual plans with that unused data saved on Sky Piggybank. Be careful to choose the appropriate strategy when entering data because changes cannot be undone.

How do I use my Sky Piggybank Data?

You may exchange your data in your Sky Piggybank for discounts on various items, including tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Check Sky Mobile frequently, as their exclusive offers and prizes always change. Of course, you will receive a higher discount if you save more data in your Sky Piggybank.

Follow the instructions below to view and redeem your Sky Piggybank Rewards:

  • Go to, select My Account > Mobile > Sky Piggybank, and log in using your Sky ID.
  • Look for Piggy Bank Rewards. You can verify the current rewards list and view your balance in this area.
  • Personal hotspot is permitted on Sky Mobile, although data allowances are limited.
  • Select the prize you desire and the amount of data you wish to redeem. If you wish, you can even cash it all.

If unsatisfied, you have fourteen days to return any new equipment or mobile accessories. Any data you used would be returned to your Piggy Bank if you used your Sky Piggybank Rewards to save on your new device. None of it will be lost. Sky subscribers used to be able to use their saved data to earn Sky Store coupons in the past, but these deals are regretfully no longer available.

How to log in to your Sky Piggybank

You can log in on the My Sky App with your My Sky ID or sign in on If you do not have a Sky ID, you must create one using your email address online or on the My Sky App.

Earn rewards with Sky Piggybank

Discover that you are accumulating more rolled-over data than you will ever need. You may find it convenient that Sky Mobile allows you to exchange unused data for discounts on phones, tablets, and other products. It is known as Sky Piggy Bank Rewards.

In essence, the data you have saved is transformed into savings on the total price of the item you're upgrading. Although you are still under contract, you cannot get money out of it.

Frequently Asked Question About Sky Piggy Bank

How long does data stay in My Sky Piggybank?

Any unused data is automatically rolled over into a customer's Sky Piggybank each month and preserved for up to three years, ready for use whenever necessary, according to Sky Mobile's Roll.

How do I claim my data on Sky Piggybank?

To access Piggybank rewards, open the My Sky app, select Mobile from the bottom menu, Manage Piggybank, and scroll down.

What is the storage limit of data on Sky Piggybank?

Sky Piggy bank does not have a storage limit. You can store as much data as you want.

Can you share Sky Piggybank?

Only SIMS within one account can share Piggybank.

How long does data rollover on Sky Piggybank?

Any "rolled over" data will be stored in your Piggybank for up to 3 years rather than being deleted after the following month as it would otherwise be. You can always take 1GB amounts of data out of your Piggybank.

Is data rollover free on Sky Piggybank?

Every Sky Mobile subscriber has free access to a Piggybank. Additionally, there is no trouble because everything is completed automatically at the end of each month. The precise MB will be deposited together with all of your unused data.

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